Office and Office Storage Areas 5S

March and April, 2006

Main Team members: Martha Baker, Pat Burke, Pat Holley, Krystal Norman, Wayleen Sutton and Traci Swift   Also providing support: Mary Allen, Jimmy Choate, Billy Diviney, Allen George, Jim Morrow and Ray Voisin

This event took a total of 120 hours to complete.

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Pre-Planning Office 5S - some initial thoughts

Office 5S Training - meeting notes and links

Office 5S Tips - some tips on 5S

5S Target Areas - some possible targets

Weekly Progress Notes - weekly status report

Before and After Pictures

Some of the Main Improvements

Tooling engineering office - rearranged - better work flow (large printer always connected without having to roll it in to use it)

Relocated two offices in the plant
1. Converted old record storage area to a QA engineer office (office now has less outside noise-better work environment),
2. Machining manager now has QA engineers old office and is located by machining area (before had to walk 60 steps and now has to walk only 5 steps to get to the machining area)

Front desk rearranged - a lot more work space and moved monitor for less distractions

QA audit area - moved to plant QA area and used old space for blueprint copier (less walking for people using blueprint copier)

Fax\copy area - rearranged - new mail boxes look better and created a lot more work area (also put down rug to keep floors cleaner in this area)

Revised a policy - (used TOC 5 Step Form) saving time administering a program

Office record storage area - purged and organized\labeled everything (easier to find things kept in this area)

Plant record storage area - relocated area - put in two shelve units in new area - organized (more room, more storage space and looks great)

A lot of unused stuff removed from various areas - areas look better