September 16 through September 20, 2002

Team members: Brandon Richardson, Chava Oliveras, Belinda Gober, Clayton Williams, Alicia Mendoza, James Darden, Christian Magallanes and John Howze

This event took a total of 320 hours to complete.

Some thoughts on the 5S by John Howze-While preparing for the Finishing 5S daily training I read something, that before, I had not payed a lot of attention to.  It was the part in shine, about employee moral which is very important.  So one of our biggest goals as team members was to brighten up finishing.

We painted all 22 trim presses and had immediate positive feedback from finishing operators to maintenance.  This was a big bold task that had been talked about since the last 5S in finishing.  But there were cost issue resistance layers holding us back.

But like the Nike commercial says, sometimes you got to bite the bullet and JUST DO IT!

Pictures taken of team members performing the 5S

repair equipment







set in order

clean and paint

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