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Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2005 11:03 AM

Subject: Fw: CUSTOMER XXXXXX meeting notes

The attached notes are the review of the current tool design, which Billy initiated, for the XXXX die-cast die, prior to building the second die. Make special note of item 6; which we feel IDENTIFIES the "root cause" of most all the slide and lock problems on the current tool, thus THE CAUSE of slower rates and what we've been calling "die problems" and "maintenance problems"..

In essence, there is a step at the assembly point of the slide and slide carrier, and a corresponding step in the mold base. What's happening is when any flash falls on this step, it get's compressed by the locks, preventing the slide to go forward by that amount. Once the slide is held back at all, it's "Katy-bar-the-door", as flash builds thicker and thicker in this area. In number 19 (800 ton), the machine has enough muscle to overcome this flash, lock over, yet something has to give. In this case, it's the bottom lock, which has broken if you recall. When we moved the die to number 8 (600 ton), the machine just won't close when the flash builds up.

The unusual thing, yet typical of TOC investigations, there is no good reason for this step. It looks normal, as a "forward slide stop", but on this tool, the pinch blocks and slide faces stop the forward progress of the slides. This step is really nothing more than a "die-tearer-upper", thus THE CURE is we removed this step from the second tool.

Bottom line, we would not have discovered and cured this without the TOC based meetings which have become part of every die build. Billy currently has more than 16 dies being built, and all require a meeting and review. Sure..., meetings take time; but this format guarantees that each tool we build will be better than the tool before, and that's CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT".

I can virtually assure the new tooling will be 30 % more productive than the first one, and that's SHOUTING GROUND. I just pray every department will learn to embrace the power of TOC to improve their constraints.

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From: Billy Diviney

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Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2005 9:25 AM

Subject: CUSTOMER XXXXXX meeting notes

Meeting notes for the new die cast die for CUSTOMER XXXXXX are attached.

XXXX TOOLMAKER - please have the engineer call me to review the notes

David Pack- meeting length was approx. 2 hours