September 9, 2002 Meeting

Present: John Howze, James Lincoln, Darrin McCain, Loyd Aga, Terry Pille, Jerry Brown

cc: Billy Evans, Scott Daniel

1. Identify the Problem: Scrap for XXXX Series in August was $XXXX.

A) Non-Fill - 1037 pieces in August

B) Blisters – 230

C) Small Biscuits - 134

2. Exploit:

Possible Causes:

Set-up shot parameters (1)

Need new chamber – wrong stroke (1)

Shot rod length (1)

No water no die (1)

No water on shot pad (1)

Running die when spitting (2)

Machine not square (2)

Metal temperature (2)

Vents (2) (3)

Operator not spraying properly (3)

Tip luber not working (4)

Shot tip hot (5)

Machine re-gen (6)

Possible Cures:

(1) – Issues with Set-Up

Modify Set-up sheets for 21” chamber (JB)

Train Set-Up people on requirements for – XXXX’s (D/C Foreman)

New Chamber has been ordered to the proper length (JH)

Change Set-Up sheet to show water on pad

(After investigation - the tool has no water lines on the shot pad)

Experiment with water on the ejector side and cover side next run (JL & TP)

(2) – Issues with Tool not holding metal

Show machine to be square at each set-up with minimum of 720 Ton - Modify Set-up sheets (JB)

Change work instruction to show NOT to run machine when die is spitting (JB)

Make a checklist for things to do before squaring the machine, ie check tie bar nuts. (JH & JB)

Modify set-up sheets to verify metal temperature – (temp min/max /do not run below) (JB)

Verify control limits on furnace #12 with Jimmy (TP)

Investigate if we can put key switches on die height adjustment (JH)

(3) – Issues with evacuating air out of the tool

Verify vents are to the proper depths (JB)

Add to work instruction that vents are to be cleaned by operator (JB)

Write a tool ticket to enlarge overflow and vents opposite the gates (JB)

Complete Overflow and vent work prior to next run (BE)

Investigate vents sticking in tool next production run (TP & BE)

Try to use experienced die casters when possible on this job. (D/C Foreman)

(4) – Issues with shot tip lubers

Keep the lubers in working order, if not notify maintenance or Jerry Brown (D/C Foreman)

(5) – Issues with shot tip getting hot

Verify tool room is making tip sizes to the correct dimension for the chamber (TP)

Verify shot rod water is working properly – (D/C Foreman)

Add cooling saddles to set-up sheet and work instructions for this job (JB)

Train all set-up men on proper shot rod and cooling saddles maintenance and set-up (DM)

Verify water is getting to and from the water tree (D/C Foreman)

(6) – Issues with machine regenerating to proper pressures.

Investigate auto dump to try to find a way to prevent reoccurrence. (JB, JH & JC)

3. Subordinate: (involve\train others)

All actions need to be completed prior to the next run.

The next run will be sometime this month


4. Elevate: (document improvement)

After applying the cures above this part is no longer a scrap constraint.

5. Inertia: (celebrate success)

Team members recognized for a job well done.

To focus on the next highest scrap constraint.

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