Texas Die Casting - Memo

Date: March 5, 2003

To: Mini-Kaisen Team (Dusty Johnson, Terry Pille, John Howze, David Pack and Kent Frame)

Cc: Scott Daniel, John Oxton

RE: Meeting Notes from Mini Kaisen event for tapping Customer XXX Rings:

Identify the Constraint (State the Problem):

Untapped parts are getting through the process and to our customers.

Exploit (Define cause and cure)

List possible causes and potential cures:

Subordinate and Elevate

Decision was made to move the operation from current location to the area by Vibratory


1. Use a large box instead of small boxes on pallet to unload from trim operation.



2. Set-Up the new tapping area by the Vibratory

Parts will be removed from the large box tapped, checked and placed into baskets.

Need to review possible areas in regard to process flow from large boxes on tilter, to tapper, to conveyor to vibratory.



3. Assign one person to be responsible for the new area.

ACTIONS from today’s meetings:

John Howze to assign one person to be responsible for the new area.

John Howze to set-up a meeting the new person, Eddie Faye and Kent Fame and Terry Pille to design area.


Move tapping unit, Set-up Box Tilter, Set-Up Conveyor, 5S Area with signs, labels, tools, production supplies & cleaning supplies

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