A meeting was held on 9-16-2003, to determine what steps should be taken to improve the WIP condition and flow of the Vibratory, Warner/Swayzee, Tap and Plug, and CNC Mill production areas.

Attending: John Howze, Brandon Richardson, Perry Cox, Dusty Johnson, Eddie Faye Ayers and Scott Daniel

The 5-Step TOC improvement method was followed.


Parts all over the place in Vibratory/Machining. Flows poorly due to congestion. High rejection rate for poor-fill and solder.



a. Different parts flow differently through-out the process, causing congestion

b. We are sometime casting more product that can flow through Vibratory/Machining

c. Vibratories or parts washers not working

d. No specific areas to store castings awaiting Vibratory/Machining

e. Not utilizing resources enough

f. Have gone back to running to customer orders, instead of to replenishing stock

g. Bulk packing trimmed castings creates more boxes

h. Not scheduling resources based on hours

i. Not utilizing Min/Max stocking system.


a. Identify proper flow for products within the area, and re-arrange area as needed

b. Complete all products in area to Finished Goods condition, to remove congestion

c. Get all three vibratories and both parts washers fixed and functional

d. Create min/max staging areas, once congestion is removed

e,h. Develop a formal schedule for resources

f,i. Fill up the stock racks, add min/max requirements to inventory sheet for verification

g. Will not stack trimmed castings @ this time, due to rate issues.


a. Team project, after products in department moved to finish goods. John Howze to call meeting

b. Perry Cox and John Howze to target having all products finished by end of the month

c. Scott Daniel to initiate repairs of vibratories and parts washers

d. Team project, after products in department are finished. See item a.

e,h. Perry Cox and John Howze to meet with Production Scheduling to develop a "Resource Schedule"

f. Martha to add min/max requirements to inventory sheet.


By completing products currently congesting the area, plans can be made to re-arrange operations for improved flow and create resource staging areas. The Min/Max stocking racks creates a pull system, where-in product quantity flowing through the department dictates resource scheduling requirements, and products are pulled through the area, instead of sitting as WIP stock. The benefits of filling the Min/Max racks are a department which is less crowded, and improved on-time deliveries, due to products being shipped from Finished Goods inventory, instead of completed daily to the "SHIPTOMROW" document.

Cc: DJ, EFA, BR, JH, PC, SD and MB, JO from Production Scheduling

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