TOC and LEAN can provide benefits to the executive as well to the every day person with every day problems. It also works as well at home as it does on the job.

The examples on this site go back many years ago. It is now 2015 and Texas Die Casting and it's employees continue to use TOC (especially the 5 Step Problem Solving Method) and hold annual 5S events in all departments.

Special thanks to: Scott Daniel (TOC content), Bob Chauvin (content), Craig Burke (web site development and graphics), David Pack (5S info), Wayleen Sutton (web pages) and the entire Texas Die Casting team.

Also, thanks to the many TOC and LEAN individuals that have allowed me to post their information on this site. Including: David Bowser, Michael Bremer, Scott Burton, John F. DeVogt PhD, Lawrence Leach, James R. Martin PhD, Frank Patrick, Stephen G. Pauker MD, Tony Rizzo, Tim Sullivan, Mark Woeppel.

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Many examples provided by :
Texas Die Casting
Using TOC and LEAN in the aluminum die casting business.