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Powerpoint file – 5S Basic Training 5S examples and LEAN terms (large file 1.3M – right click to download)

Powerpoint file – web powerpoint LEAN MANUFACTURING: Why It’s Not Easy and How to Make It Work

Wow! With each improvement made, the GEMBA becomes a little brighter as waste (muda) and disorder are reduced. Recent 5S tours have been encouraging. Of course improvement opportunities were spotted and action taken; but for the most apart, we are holding on to improvements you’ve already made during 5S events, etc.

In order to keep improving (TOC step #5), it makes sense to continue follow-ups. This is the “Sustain” step of 5S. . . .and since the people who work with a process know it best, who better to review progress? Therefore, each area has been asked to implement a “5S Tour” at least weekly. Take a good look around…imagine zero waste/zero confusion!

Ten   Kaizen   Principles
  1. Get rid of all old assumptions.
  2. Don’t look for excuses, look for ways to make things happen.
  3. Say “NO” to the status quo.
  4. Don’t worry about being perfect – even if you only get it half right ” start NOW!
  5. It does not cost money to do KAIZEN.
  6. If something is wrong “Fix it NOW.
  7. Good ideas flow when the going gets tough.
  8. Ask “WHY” five times – get to the root cause.
  9. Look for wisdom from Ten people rather than one.
  10. Never stop doing KAIZEN.

  • 5S  – Sort,   Set   in   Order,   Shine,   Standardize   and   Sustain
  • Sort – All unneeded tools, parts and supplies are removed for the area
  • Set in Order – A place for everything and everything is in its place
  • Shine – The area is cleaned as the work is performed
  • Standardize – Cleaning and identification methods are consistently applied
  • Sustain – 5S is a habit and is continually improved

Also – Work areas are safe and free of hazardous or dangerous conditions

ANNUAL 5S Event Schedule-Finishing, Tool Racks, Stockroom, Maintenance, Outside, Millwater, Restrooms, Vibratory, Machining, Tool Room, Quality, Die Casting, Furnace, Shipping and Office

Examples provided by: Texas Die Casting