Everywhere you go, you read articles on what keeps the workforce happy. These articles explain how employees should be treated, or how managers should be trained, or how companies should develop their culture. I have found however, seven basic needs at all levels of an organization, that when evenly distributed between all co-workers, creates the environment where all can grow and succeed.

They are: The "Seven R's" of Working Together

  1. Respect: everyone, worker and boss alike, deserves the respect of others. Respect, however, is more often earned than handed out at random.
  2. Reliability: doing what is expected and doing what is right are traits of a reliable person. All employees, top to bottom, should be relied upon to perform their function to the best of their ability.
  3. Recognition: A simple "Thank You", the realization and giving credit for good work and even identifying problems are all positive forms of recognition. How do you recognize others?
  4. Responsibility: Every employee has a function they are responsible for. If we all respond in a positive manner, everyone grows. If not, everyone suffers.
  5. Resourcefulness: Creatively working through our difficulties indicates our resourcefulness. Winning or losing has much to do with this trait.
  6. Rewards: How do you reward your fellow employee? Are their problems as important as yours? Are their good deeds rewarded like you would like yours to be?
  7. Recommendations: Identifying the problem without suggesting a solution accomplishes nothing. Every employee must have the freedom and desire to make recommendations for improvement.

Please share the "Seven R's" with your co-workers to create a positive workplace for all.

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