1. Be on time to work.
  2. Be at work every day.
  3. Be interested in your job and company.
  4. Be enthusiastic, have a positive mental attitude.
  5. Be ready to give 100% effort - do your best.
  6. Be honest and trustworthy.
  7. Be willing and wanting to learn.
  8. Be willing to ask questions.
  9. Be drug free, low risk, safety aware and health conscious
  10. Be a positive leader.
  11. Be loyal.
  12. Be willing to make suggestions (put your mind to work) to make the company better.
  13. Be responsible for your assigned work.
  14. Be ready to work with the team (individual performance is important but you must also work with others to reach agreed upon goals).
  15. Be Quality minded and work toward continuous improvement.
  16. Be willing to understand that profit is good. Companies are founded, survive and supply jobs because of profit. Make your company profitable.
  17. Be ready to do things right the first time.
  18. Be wilting to learn from other people and imitate the things that work.
  19. Be responsible for making good choices for yourself and your teammates.
  20. Be a balanced person and evaluate yourself.

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