Some Prefer LEAN, Some 6 SIGMA and Some TOC

What does each program offer?

Improvement Checklist-Specific tools for improvement that should fit any application Another toolbox which uses data to guide decisions, drive out variation A custom philosophy. A problem solving format, that leads to improvement
Toyota manufacturing system pedigree Waste reduction by benchmarking and tracking results Stresses global results. Puts throughput above cost.
whole system concept local concept Focus on making more money as the goal and this directs management to increase T, reduce OE and reduce I

whole system concept

Some people prefer a packaged system of to do items which will lead to improvement (LEAN).

Some people prefer data driven decisions (SIX-SIGMA).

Some people prefer a "common sense" approach of problem solving and increasing profit (TOC).


People support what they know and are comfortable with.

In order to improve...we must change. But not all change is improvement.

What is the impact on T, I and OE?

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