Theory  of  Constraints  and  Lean  Manufacturing  (especially 5S).

This site has information, examples and links to other web sites about the basics concepts of TOC and Lean Manufacturing.

Lean Manufacturing (most popular)

Misc and Quotes

Many of the web pages off of the main pages will take you to the old html formatted web pages.  These pages  open in new windows so when you close them out you will come back to the main pages.  These old pages are not responsive (will not automatically resize for smaller devices like smart phones).  Some of the TOC and 5S examples pages have been made responsive:  click here for responsive pages – Texas Die Casting web site.

The site was originally created in 2001 in html.  Since then it has been updated over the years to java, joomla and now it is in WordPress. If you want to see what the old html web site looked like (click here).