A TOC and Lean Solution

BACKGROUND: There was a lot of down time (at the constraint). This was because the die cast operators didn't have tools to do machine adjustments and minor repairs. Only the set-up and maintenance men had tools. This would often create a situation where the machine was down and the operator was searching the plant for a set-up or maintenance man to get a tool.

The Throughput world said "Why not put tools on the machines so that minor machine adjustments and repairs can be done immediately". "This will create more up-time and throughput".

The Cost world said "But, it will cost a lot of money to put tools on all the machines, the tools will be lost and have to be replaced, etc, etc"

Using TOC methods to analyze the situation we were able to resolve the conflict and move forward. What to change?, What to change to? and How to cause the change?

Note - the tools are placed on the machines using the 5s outlining method (every tool has a specific place on the tool rack).